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You'll find loads of useful information here, including details about our stages, and answers to frequently asked questions.

What to expect in your lessons

We work hard to make sure that our lessons are fun, engaging, and challenging for each and every one of our swimmers. There are core skills that we work on throughout your time with us. Ultimately, our aim is to create confident and competent swimmers, and develop a child's love and respect of the water.

Our stages

While with SwimNE, your child will work through stages 1-10, collecting various badges and certificates along the way. Our stages are based on Swim England's 'learn to swim pathway'. Starting with the basics of learning to swim, and ending with advanced skills included in aquatic sports such as water polo or competitive swimming, our all-inclusive programme builds confidence and competency in all our swimmers.

Badges & certificates

During their time with SwimNE, you can expect your child to collect a range of 'well done', distance, and stage awards. We assess our swimmers throughout the year, and award badges and certificates at the end of each major term.

Tracking your child's progress

There are core skills that we work on in all stages of our learn to swim programme, and the learning outcomes evolve as your child becomes more confident and competent in the water. We regularly assess and closely monitor your child's progress in the water. We also give you access to tools so that you can do the same.

Lesson dates

You'll find all of your lesson dates - and loads more information - via your Doddle account. We deliver lessons 48 weeks of the year* - one of the many perks of having our own venues!

You can also view our term dates below, though you should always refer to Doddle for your specific class dates and times.


*Note that lessons at Sport Central run 39 weeks of the year only


Your SwimNE lessons are paid for via a monthly subscription. You can find loads of information about this below - including FAQs, and some helpful videos that explain everything that you need to know about your SwimNE payments.

Frequently asked questions

Have we missed anything? Check out some of our frequestly asked questions here. If you still can't find what you're looking for, our friendly support team are always happy to help!