Tracking your child's progress

See what your child is working towards in their swimming lessons

Working towards

When you login to your Doddle account, you can see which stage your child is working towards, and what they will be learning during their lessons. You can also see which skills they have achieved already, and which ones they are still developing.

Consistency is key

Our instructors are constantly assessing the children that they teach. They make sure, first and foremost, that children are able to complete skills using the correct technique - and this is really important in helping them become strong and efficient swimmers. We also look for consistency. If they demonstrate a skill once, that's great... but before we 'tick it off', we need to see them do it consistently (that way we know they have truly mastered it).

Like a jigsaw

Children learn at different paces, and it may sometimes feel like your child isn't progressing as quickly as others in the class.  Often, when this happens, there is a particular skill - a jigsaw piece, if you will - that just needs to click. Once it does, all the other pieces will fall into place, and you'll see a huge leap in their swimming ability. Our instructors and coordinators keep a really close eye on all of our swimmers, and they are always here if you have any questions - just get in touch.