School swimming lessons

Curriculum-based swimming lessons for children of all ages

National Curriculum & swimming

The National Curriculum states that, by the time children leave primary school, they should be able to:

Swim 25m

Use a range of swimming strokes

Demonstrate self-rescue skills

“The children love their school swimming lessons with SwimNE - real highlight of their week! The teaching is fantastic, and the additional support they offer is head and shoulders above anything we've had elsewhere”

Did you know?

Only 49% of children across the UK leave primary school able to achieve the criteria laid out by the National Curriculum.

While many children do access swimming lessons outside of school, for some, school will be the first – maybe even the only – opportunity to learn valuable life-saving aquatic skills. It’s for this reason that it is so important that, as a school, you are provided with the highest level of support to ensure the best possible swimming and water safety provision for your students. And that’s where we come in!

What do we offer?

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Award-winning swimming and water safety classes for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children
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Top-up lessons to support children who are unable to swim by the end of Key Stage 2

Teacher ratios

Low swimmer to teacher ratios, and instructors who teach in the water with the children


Each school we work with is assigned a dedicated school coordinator, who is there to support you


Our fun and engaging learn to swim programme caters for students of differing abilities


We offer continuous assessment of students, and termly reports back to your school
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We work with you to help parents understand the requirments of the National Curriculum, and to promote water safety