Find out what badges and certificates you can collect during your time with SwimNE

Stage awards

There are 10 stage badges to collect in total, and you can view the criteria - or the skills - for each stage on your Doddle account. Once your child can consistently demonstrate the correct technique for each skill, it will be marked as complete. The skills learned in lessons are progressive, and as and when skills are 'ticked off', we will help your child develop them further as they move through our learn to swim programme.

“When Alfie joined SwimNE he was so nervous of the water. The instructors and the pool coordinators took such good care of him. Within just a few weeks, he is asking every day when he can go swimming again. One happy little boy... and a very happy parent too!”

Distance awards

As well as stage awards, our swimmers will work towards various distance awards (and these are covered as part of their stage criteria). These awards start at 5m, and go all the way up to 1500m. When we award distance badges, we don't just want your child to be able to move however many metres across the pool. We want them to be able to do it using the correct technique - as this is what makes an awesome swimmer!

Well done awards

We know that success isn't just measured by stage or distance awards. They are great to work towards but we believe in celebrating all achievements, and this is why we give out well done badges and certificates also. Even if they haven't quite achieved that next stage or distance award, your child is still learning so much, and they are still progressing - and that is exactly what these awards celebrate.

Superstar awards

We do everything we can to provide a reassuring, fun, and welcoming environment for all of our swimmers. We do know, though, that some children may be a little nervous at first. This is completely normal - and our team are trained to handle situations like this, and to work with children of various abilities. Our superstar award is given out after children ahead of their stage 1 award. Think of it as a "welcome to SwimNE" badge, and a huge pat on the back for all that amazing swimming!