What to expect

in your SwimNE lessons

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Welcome to SwimNE!

If you're on this page, there is a good chance that you're new to SwimNE - so we'd like to say a big and a very warm welcome to our swim school! Whether this is your child's first-ever swimming class, or if they have just moved to SwimNE from another club, we know that it's natural for you - and your swimmer - to have questions. You'll find loads of helpful information on this page to help your prepare for your SwimNE classes.

What to bring

Swimming costume and a towel - they are the two essential items. A lot of our swimmers also bring goggles with them - where they do, we recommend clear lenses and a split strap at the back. You can also, if you wish, bring a swimming cap. Although we do recommend these, they are not essential. Don't forget that you can buy googles, swim caps, and more at our PaddlePod venues.

Your instructor

If you login to your Doddle account, you'll find information about your lesson dates and time, the venue that you will be learning at, and who your instructor is. We try our very best to make sure your child has the same instructor every week. Sometimes, though, we may need to make a little change here or there.

The lesson

When it is time for your lesson, your child will need to head through to the pool hall. Somebody will be there to meet them, and will guide them to the right area of the pool. If they are in one of our earlier stage classes, an instructor will be in the water with them. During the lesson, we use various floatation aids, and loads of games and fun activities to help your child move confidently and competently in the pool.

What will they learn?

You can find out what your child will be working towards in their lessons via your Doddle account. We always look for consistency, and we focus on good - great, even - technique. When we see that your child can consistently and correctly perform a skill, we will mark it as complete on your Doddle account.


All of our venues have areas from which you can view the lesson. At PaddlePod, these viewing areas are located within the cafe, so you can even enjoy a cup of coffee as your child learns to swim. You can find out more about our venues, and even take a look around below.