First lessons

We chat to our swimmers about their first swims with SwimNE


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Indie, 5

swimming and autism
Indie has high functioning autism, poor circulation, weak muscles in legs. He had his first ever swimming lesson with SwimNE just before Christmas 2020. Visual prompts are incredibly important to Indie, and he - and his parents - need to feel prepared when going into new situations.

Evie, 4

moving to 'big girl' lessons
Before starting school, Evie swam with our friends at Nemo Swimming. She moved up to SwimNE in summer 2020, and has flourished in her new 'big girl' swimming lessons. Find out more about her transition from pre-school lessons, and how she has progressed in her SwimNE lessons.
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Emily, 7

new club, new approach
Emily swam at West Denton pool before it closed down. While here, Emily learned in a large group, and with a teacher who taught from the side of the pool. Her parents didn't feel that she was progressing, and Emily was nervous in the water. Find out what happened when she moved to SwimNE.

Liz, 64

never too late to learn
This first swimming story is a little different from the others... While our other tales have focused on children, this story is about Liz who took the plunge and started swimming lessons when she was 57 years old. Overcoming a life-long fear of the water, Liz now swims twice a week - and loves it!

Emelia-Paige, 6

a little mermaid's dream
Emelia-Paige is a swimming superstar! She has raised tens of thousands of pounds completing campaign swims for Darcey's Dream, a charity that was set up in memory of her little sister. She joined lessons at SwimNE when she was five, and she is showing tremendous progress. So proud of you, Emelia-Paige!