Never too late to learn: Liz’s story

Recently, we’ve been sharing stories from some of our swimmers (and their grown-ups) who have been telling us about their first swimming lesson with SwimNE. Continuing on this theme, we today want to introduce you to Liz. 

Liz’s story is a bit different to the others that we have shared, because Liz was in her fifties before she had her first swimming lesson with the SwimNE team.

Liz’s first swimming lesson with SwimNE

“My first lesson was seven years ago as a 57 year old non-swimmer. I was anxious and terrified, and turned up feeling – I’ll be honest – a little bit silly,” commented Liz.

“The welcome, reassurance and amazing support I got right from that very first lesson turned me into a confident swimmer who – when we aren’t in lockdown – swims at least twice a week.”

If at first you don’t succeed, try SwimNE

“I conquered a life-long fear of the water thanks to the superb support of my SwimNE teacher, who taught me with patience and gave me the confidence that I so desperately wanted. Absolutely the best thing I ever did,” said Liz.

“I would encourage any adult non-swimmer to learn with SwimNE. I had tried and failed in the past but, for me, the tailored, patient support and encouragement made all the difference. I cannot wait for the pools to reopen once more so I can get back to doing what I love.”