What we offer

SwimNE deliver award-wining swimming lessons to children (age 4 years and in full time reception school and above) and adults of all abilities.

Children’s Lessons

Whether it’s group or private sessions, SwimNE offer a wide range of swimming lessons to children aged 4 (and in reception) and above.

Our Stages

Our assessment process consists of swimming stages which run from stage 1 to stage 10. Our stages are aligned with the ‘Learn to Swim Pathway’ provided by Swim England. Starting with the basics of learning to swim and ending with advanced skills included in aquatic sports such as water polo or diving, SwimNE’s all-inclusive programme goes above and beyond the standard Learn to Swim Pathway: We combine a friendly atmosphere with professional instruction to build confidence and competency in all of our swimmers.

Badges & Certificates

Every 12-14 weeks of each of our swimming terms, your child will receive a swimming badge and certificate. With our many years of experience, we understand that a child’s performance can differ from week to week. That’s why we offer ongoing assessments; continually monitoring the progress of our swimmers throughout the term, we enable your child to consistently achieve the stage requirements, avoiding an ‘exam type’ situation that may take the fun out of learning to swim.

Cost of Lessons

Group Lessons:
Our group lessons have a ratio of six children in the pool to one instructor.
Cost: £26.83 per month (£7.88 per lesson plus booking fee)

Private lessons:
We also offer private (1-1 and 2-1) lessons for children working between stages 1 and 6 and for children with additional needs.

Cost: 1-1: £60.51 per month if paid via monthly subscription, or £17.85 per lesson (plus booking fee)
          2-1: £82.04 per month for 2-1 lessons (£41.02 per child) if paid via monthly subscription, or £12.08 per lesson per child (plus booking fee)


Adult Lessons

Did you know that SwimNE not only deliver award-winning lessons to children – we also teach adults too! Many adult non-swimmers are quite apprehensive about dipping their toe into the world of adult swimming – but SwimNE are here to teach anyone who is thinking about learning to swim that it’s never too late to learn. From beginner to advanced lessons, and from swim fit sessions to open-water and triathlon coaching, SwimNE have a specialised ‘A-Team’ who are devoted to helping adults take the plunge into pool. We offer group lessons for our adult swimmers. 

The cost of adult lessons is:

£26.83 per month

Looking for adult lessons? Take your first steps by emailing our support team a [email protected] or give us a call: 0191 281 7678.

Please note that adult lessons are only available at PaddlePod @ Newcastle.

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