Swimming in Health…

The Health Benefits of Swimming

On the 7th April, we celebrated World Health Day, and SwimNE have news for you. What if we said that it isn’t just drinking water that’s extremely beneficial to your health – swimming in it is, too! So, next time you go to drink your recommended two litres of water a day, why not consider taking a dip in your local pool as well? Before we get down to the full body benefits of a good aquatic workout, swimming is, firstly, a super affordable and genuinely great form of exercise for all individuals of any age. It’s especially good for child development. According to the CDC, children require a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise every day. Swimming is a fun activity to keep your child active, healthy, at the same time as learning an invaluable life skill that, best of all, doesn’t feel like a chore!

Head and shoulders above the rest: swimming benefits your whole body

From breaststroke and backstroke, to butterfly and freestyle (no – doggy paddle doesn’t count!), it’s a fact that swimming is a WHOLE body work out. We believe that this makes swimming head and shoulders above other forms of exercise in terms of its heath benefits. As a handy guide, we’re going to map out the different parts of your body that swimming helps improve, starting with your:


Did you know that swimming is particularly advantageous to your mental health? Swimming workouts have a psychologically positive impact on your mood; inciting mindfulness by focusing on your breath and the rhythm of your movements, swimming is a powerful way to unwind and relieve stress quickly. Swimming is relaxing as it forces you to regulate your own breathing, allowing more oxygen to flow to your muscles: a few lengths of the swimming pool is a great way to beat the blues whenever you get that sinking feeling!

Shoulders and Arms

Swimming is a fantastic way to build muscle strength throughout your whole body. Each muscle group has its own job to do as you navigate yourself through the water. While swimming tones your entire body, your arms and shoulders are the key body parts that aid you in every type of stroke. Specifically, the butterfly (although it is one of the hardest!) is the best for concentrating on your arm strength and toning. However, if you look more frantic than fluttery in the water when attempting to do the butterfly  – don’t worry! The backstroke and front crawl are also amazing strokes for building your shoulders and arms.

Chest, Lungs and Heart

Are you guilty of holding your breath while you exercise? Swimming is fantastic for regulating your breathing, which is not just beneficial for calming you down but also has great effects on the health of your lungs. As swimming increases overall lung volume and teaches good breathing techniques, it can help asthma suffers by alleviating some of the more troublesome symptoms.  Swimming engages the muscles in your chest, especially one of the biggest muscles you have: your heart. Improving cardiovascular fitness by increasing heart rate, reducing inflammation and preventing build-up in your arteries (no wonder we  HEART swimming!)

Bum and Tum

As you swim, you are stretching all the time. What happens when you’re stretching your body regularly? It becomes taught, making swimming perfect for toning, and even losing weight gradually without straining your body. As you kick, twist, pull, glide, and tread while you’re in the water, your glute muscles are constantly engaged, too!

Legs, Ankles and Feet

It is inevitable that there is a great deal of pulling and kicking while you swim. Your ankles, legs and feet become your fins, and they stretch with each time you kick through the water. This repetitive stretching helps with your overall flexibility and the various motions that are involved in swimming lengthen the muscles in a way that can make your joints more nimble. So, next time you think about taking up a Yoga class, why not try swimming for an effective way to stretch?

Are you feeling swim-spired to start!? Perhaps you want to stay healthy, tone up, or want to keep your kids active. Whatever the reason, SwimNE have a fantastic variety of lessons in a number of accessible areas, check out what we offer here.

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Happy swimming, and happy #WorldHealthDay from SwimNE!