What age does my child have to be to start swimming with SwimNE?

Your child must be aged 4 and in reception to begin swimming lessons with SwimNE.

As a parent, do I have to get into the water with my child?

No, you will not be required to get into the water with your child. However, in our earlier stages, there will be an instructor in the water with your child as they teach.

Will my instructor be in the water?

This all depends on what stage your swimmer is at. In our lower stages, there will be a teacher in the water. However, as swimmer’s progress to our higher stages, our instructors tend to teach on poolside – unless they are required to be in the water.

What should I bring to my lessons?

We advise the following things:
* Swimming costume
* Towel
* Goggles
We would also request that all long hair is tied back, and although wearing a swimming cap is optional, this can also be beneficial to your child while they are swimming.

Does my child have to wear goggles in lessons?

While this is optional we would definitely recommend that your child wears goggles to their lessons. This will ensure that their eyes are protected and that they can see while they are swimming underwater.

Do you use floatation aids in your lessons?

Yes; we use floatation aids in our lessons for all stages, ages and abilities. Whether they are intended for starter swimmers to strengthen their skills and build their confidence in the water, or for established swimmers working to perfect their technique, our swimming teachers use floatation aids for a multitude of reasons and in very different ways. To find out more about the benefits of using floatation aids in our lessons, why not check out our blog?

Will the time or location of my child’s lessons change when they move up a stage?

No; we will endeavour to keep the time, day and location of your lesson the same. Your child will only be required to move if:
 – they have completed stage 6 and they are learning to swim at one of our smaller pools – a move to a bigger pool would then be required as the distance they are required to swim increases.
– they have completed stage 8 and are moving into one of our pre-competitive sessions. These sessions are one hour in duration and are designed to prepare children who wish to move into competitive swimming (while working towards stages 9 and 10)

What happens once my child has completed stage 10?

The completion of stage 10 marks the end of your child’s learn to swim journey with SwimNE. From here, your child will have the option to join one of our Junior Swimfit sessions, or we will be happy to recommend partner companies who can offer Rookie Lifeguarding, synchronised swimming, diving and more.

Do I need to rebook for next term/when do I need to re-subscribe?

Once you have subscribed there is no need to worry about re-subscribing or rebooking – once you have activated your subscription, you’re off until you tell us you’d like to leave!

How do I pay for my lessons?

Our customers pay for lessons via our Doddle booking system where your card details are saved securely on the system. A part payment is taken upon booking and then an automatic monthly subscription payment is taken on 1st of each month after booking from the card you have provided.

Follow the link to Doddle here