A is for… Adult Swimming!

The ‘A-team’: adult swimming lessons with SwimNE

Did you know that SwimNE not only deliver award-winning lessons to children – we also teach adults too! Many adult non-swimmers are quite apprehensive about dipping their toe into the world of adult swimming; SwimNE are here to teach anyone who is thinking about learning to swim that it’s never too late to learn! From beginner to advanced lessons, and from swim fit sessions to open-water and triathlon coaching, SwimNE have a specialised ‘A-Team’ who are devoted to helping adults take the plunge into pool.

But– you don’t just have to just take our word from it. What follows is Zoe’s Neasham’s story, a previous adult learner with SwimNE. When Zoe realised her seven-year-old daughter could swim better then she could, she became determined to learn to swim herself: here’s what happened next!

From tentative to triathlete: Zoe’s adult swimming story with SwimNE

What inspired me to start learning to swim with SwimNE? Well, it’s twofold! My daughter was my first inspiration: at seven years old, she could swim much better than me. When I could just about manage one length, my arms and legs thrashing about all over the place, my head held artificially high above the water, I would see my daughter in the pool. She swam so gracefully; elegantly gliding up and down in the water, my daughter made swimming look like the most natural and easiest thing in the world. Something had to change! My second source of swimming inspiration came from being an avid runner – I had always wanted to do a triathlon and then, as a birthday surprise, my friends entered me into one, and so this forced me to get myself into gear!

From chucking myself in to chickening out: my first (adult) lesson

I decided to take lessons with SwimNE as they were the first swim school that my daughter had attended where she’d been happy to learn without me forcing or bribing her. The day of my first ever lesson, I felt petrified –  I even warned SwimNE that I might chicken out. My initial lessons were great and I had a lovely, very understanding and encouraging instructor – even though I was certainly a novice in the water those first few lessons! Sadly, my instructor then had to take some time off work, so I took the chance to wimp out of learning to swim for a bit. Still, I kept thinking about the birthday present triathlon entry and I once more became determined to see it through. I asked Emma (another SwimNE instructor) if she would teach me –  and she said yes!  I had always thought Emma was a fantastic swimming teacher whenever she’d chatted to me at the poolside. My journey as an adult swimmer encompassed just about anything you could think of – from chickening out at first, to then chucking myself into the water at every given opportunity. I persevered from here on and this time round all the hard work payed off (I’m forty-four and I still have my distance badges proudly sewn onto my swim towel!)

My proudest swimming moment(s)

It’s tough to pick the achievements and moments that I am most proud of, but here’s two: firstly, there’s the Triathlon. I started lessons with Emma in 2013 and completed my first triathlon (a 400-metre pool swim) in August of the same year. I was hooked – and in July 2015, I became an Ironman after completing a 2.4mile lake swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a marathon. I have also been fortunate enough to have two utterly amazing family moments with my daughters, both of whom learnt to SwimNE. When my eldest daughter (the one who embarrassed me into learning to swim in the first place) was nervous about completing a mile swim to gain herstage 10 badge, I was able to swim a mile with her. The two of us swimming together was a truly emotional moment, thinking about it now still makes me cry with pride! My younger dau!ghter was known as the water baby at Swim NE – she did a mini triathlon with me in July 2015 and I have a wonderful photo of us together stood at the poolside, proud as punch, numbers on our arms and ready for her race.

My advice to adult swimmers thinking about taking the plunge

I’d have to say, ‘do it!’  Of course, like doing everything ‘for the first time’, learning to swim is daunting. Yet, with perseverance, suddenly one length becomes 100 metres and then 1000 metres! It’s a relaxing activity and a skill for life! With an encouraging teacher and the right swim school you will love it – I can’t thank SwimNE and each instructor that helped me along my swimming journey enough.

Has Zoe’s story whetted your appetite to enter the world of adult swimming? Why not check out what SwimNE offer here!

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With thanks to Zoe Neasham, written by Megan, SwimNE