(Angie Gibson – March 2016 – Fenham pool)

“Thank you for everything that Daniel has achieved during the four years he has had lessons with you. He is a competent, confident swimmer and I, as a parent, could have asked for no better outcome. He came to you with little confidence, even less technique and unable to swim more than a couple of yards. I now have no fears about him being in the water whatsoever and know that this is a life skill he will always have. ”

(Ailsa Latimer – January 2016 – Boldon school pool / Boldon Dive centre)

“We have recently returned from a holiday in Iceland. Can I just say how magical it was to be able to swim on holiday as a family in the hot springs and mud pools and not to worry about how the girls were getting on. It was an amazing family experience and made possible by all of the hard work done by all of the instructors that have taken the girls from their time at both the Dive Centre and now at the School. Thank you so much.”

(Mr. Akmurahan – October 2015 – Fenham pool)

“Both my boys swim well in your lessons. They have swam for 2 years. they love their teacher”

(Zoe – September 2015)

In 2013 I knew I wanted to start doing triathlon but I could barely swim a length – thats where Swim NE helped.  Most of my lessons were with Emma who was a complete star, she coached and supported and even gave me badges (just like the kids).  In fact my hubbie and I were so impressed with the coaching we took our daughter out of her lessons with a rival company and handed her to Sam at Swim NE – what a revelation!  She hated her previous lessons and now LOVED them so much she joined a swim club and competes in Galas.

With Emma’s help I completed my first pool based sprint distance triathlon in Aug 2013 and was hooked!  With continued lessons from Swim NE I trained and in 2014 did 4 more tri’s – this time one was in the sea and another had a 1500m lake swim. All with Emma whooping and cheering me on.

My younger daughter then started lessons with Emma and this summer on holiday she amazed people with her swimming (and her confidence) – she completed her first triathlon in July.

My biggest sporting achievement is that the Mummy who couldn’t swim is now an Ironman – I completed the Ironman UK triathlon in July 2015 which had a whopping 2.4mile open water swim, 112mile bike and a marathon – and I can say with all honestly that I couldn’t have done it without Swim NE (thank you Emma!)

If you think you’re too old to learn to swim – you’re not I was 39!  If your kids hate their lessons try Swim NE as mine have never looked back.  My hubbie says that the money we spent on swimming was the best we have spent as it has given us all so much (he’s even had a few lessons too!)

(Anon – July 2015)

I was so impressed how my child’s lesson went last night, the teachers were professional and my child engaged so much – Thank you!


(Jon – Fenham – August 2014)

Went to my first Swim fit class last night. Top class! Everything I was after. Cant wait for next week! Thanks. Jon


(Wendy Jones – Kicks pool – August 2014)

Thanks for all of the lessons at SwimNE. William is now swimming like a fish and it made a huge improvement on our holidays seeing him so confident in the pool.

(Sue Coates – Fenham – July 2014)

Can you please pass on my best wishes to Theresa at Nemos and all of the teachers who have taught Macy over the years at SwimNE, we are sad to be leaving but hopefully moving on to new things in Oz! Cant wait for you to come down to Australia to teach us again!

(Fenham pool – April 2014)

My first impression of SwimNE was that the instructors actually cared about the children and wanted them to learn. They smiled and encouraged the children constantly and we were given a lovely warm welcome on poolside by Trish who showed Evie where to go and who her instructor was. Cant wait to see you all again next week!

(Tracey Gallagher – DW Byker – February 2014)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Elaine – Poppy loved her first swimming lesson and is desperate to come back next week. You were fab!

(Clare Stuart – Kicks- January 2014)

Zac has been having lessons for 4 weeks and he swam all by himself at the pool on Sunday. He adores Tim and all his games, especially his Elephant rolls!! 

(Cheryl Gallon – Fenham – December 2013)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and Ben for all the help in my swimming lessons, he is a fantastic teacher and I will recommend swim NE to everyone I can. Cheryl

(Margaret Oliver – Fenham – November 2013)

My children have been taking lessons through swimNE for a while now and really look forward to their lesson. My son was extremely nervous on his first lesson and would not even get into the water.  The instructor (Emily) did not make a huge thing of it but tried to coax Harvey into the water offering toys. He eventually got into the water but was clinging to Emily who coped extremely well with him.  The second week Harvey got in no problem however week 3 when Emily was poorly and it was a different instructor and Harvey sat at the edge of the pool extremely distressed. Matt then got into the pool (another instructor) who encouraged Harvey to get into the pool and Matt made him feel extremely comfortable. Matt remained in the pool for the remainder of the lesson.  After this Harvey seemed to grow in confidence. His instructor has brought Harvey on really well. Harvey is now extremely confident in the water now and loves to swim under water. My daughter Hannah has always been confident in the water however she  initially went to another swim school who did not work on technique. The instructors are working extremely well to improving her technique and she is coming along nicely.  I would recommend everyone to bring their children to Swim NE at Fenham pool as in my opinion you could not get any better.

Thank you to all staff

(Mukesh Radadvan – Kicks – October 2013)

The lessons are wonderful. Always fun. Very happy with the progress. See you next term.

(Verity Shepley – Fenham – Summer 2013)

“The fact that SwimNE stick to a maximum of 6 per group lesson and the fact that the teachers more often than not are in the pool with the children has meant they’ve had individual attention each week and have progressed far more rapidly than we experienced at [removed] where groups were up to 12 kids (??!!) and the teachers never got wet.”

(Sarah Dawson – Deep Blue – July 2013)

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all(especially Pat)for the fantastic job you’ve done with Sam over the last few months. I can’t believe the change in him and how much more confidence he has now in the water. Drawing from not so good experience I’ve had with previous swimming lessons from other companies, I have found the lessons with swim ne to be of the highest standard and overall can’t fault anything! Also thank you for your time and patience with Rosie in the first few weeks when Matt came in as an extra instructor. Hopefully we’ll get Rosie back later in year!

(Lisa Robson – Fenham – July 2013)

Caitlin has achieved so much ever since she started her swimming lessons at Fenham thanks to her great instructor James – the little girl who was frightened of the water has turned into a water baby!

(Liz Archibald – Fenham pool – July 2013)

As a 56 year old woman, I had resigned myself to being a non swimmer.  I had always wanted to learn to swim and years ago had gone to lessons but I just couldn’t get over my fear of water.

Last year I saw an advert for Swim NE and on the spur of the moment I got in touch.  From my very first enquiry, I felt supported and encouraged and joined an adult beginner s group In November.

From the very start, I felt certain I would eventually learn to swim.  It hasn’t always been easy, (it’s hard to get over a fear of water that had lasted 56 years) but Emma, my instructor has been positive, supportive and patient and as I have gained in confidence she has been there to encourage and challenge me.

I can now swim full lengths of my local pool and am really looking forward to going on holiday and actually being able to join in the fun in the swimming pool rather than cowering in the shallow end!

I now go swimming at least twice a week.  My health has improved and my high blood pressure has been reduced!

Swim NE are a fantastic group of people.  The instructors are all friendly and enthusiastic and the fact that they actually get in the water with you is a great support, especially in the beginning.

I would encourage any adult non swimmer to literally “take the plunge” with Swim NE.

(Kicks – June 2013)

Hope your well,  just to inform you Adam will not be attending this terms swimming lessons on Monday evenings…. as it clashes with his drama club. Can I just say how happy I am with Jane…  Her teaching ability is outstanding! Adam has progressed a lot faster than I expected.  What an asset to your team.

(Boldon dive centre – April 2013)

I was really pleased to see Mae’s progress at the last lesson especially when she swam on her back the whole way across the pool. You have achieved more in a couple of terms than I have in years! The facility and set up is brilliant.

(Fenham – April 2013)

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for sorting Lucas out with his 1:1 lessons with Lee. It’s really made a difference to the way he feels about swimming and we are really happy with the positive impact Lee has had on him and his swimming

(School swimming- March 2013)

“We use SwimNE on a regular basis to deliver the highest quality swimming lessons for our pupils. The activities which the pupils complete are exciting, they quickly make excellent progress and the instructors establish outstanding relationships with the children. I would recommend SwimNE without reservation. They are superb!” (Nick Conway, Head Teacher – St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary)

(Swimtegrate project – March 2013)

You guys have been brilliant this week. This has been a wonderful week and we are so happy you have taken the time out to help us get the kids swimming. Please thank Charlotte for her patience, Sam for his organisation and Lee for staying with us after the lessons to discuss further lessons for Samuel

(Sport Central – February 2013)

Thanks for organising your family fun day on Saturday. This is a great way to tire the kids out and was really well organised – hopefully you have another one coming soon?!

(Sport Central pool – December 2012)

Please can you let Emma know how absolutely thrilled I am that she has actually got me swimming! I am over the moon!  She has succeeded where many other have failed and am really looking forward to carrying on next term. Hope you all have a great Christmas – Patricia (Adult lesson)

(Fenham – December 2012)

Thankyou so much for putting on the mini-gala for the swimmers yesterday. Anna has come away absolutely buzzing and keen to do more. The kids really enjoyed it and there was a lovely atmosphere at the pool. It was very kind of you to bring biscuits for the parents as well – hope this will be happening more regularly! – Rob

(Fenham – December 2012)

I am writing this email to thank you, Phil and James for this evening. I am immensly proud of Niamh and what she achieved tonight – equally all the other boys and girls who swam with enthusiasm and determination. You all must feel proud too. When she started learning with you (SwimNE) my sole aim was for Niamh to be able to swim competently and confidently. I could not have imagined three years ago when she began that she would be doing what she did tonight! I was exhausted watching her and she demonstrated a quality that I knew that she had – determination. No pressure for you for Elliott!!

(Fenham – December 2012)

We have found all of the staff to be very friendly and helpful and you all look like you are having sooooo much fun!!

(Deep Blue  – December 2012)

Ryan has come on really well this term and we would now like his little sister to start lessons with you. He really loves swimming now which was something he never did before. Please thanks Amy and Pat for their hard work with him

(Fenham – October 2012)

We have been really impressed with the standard of the lessons with Katy. She is firm but fair and the kids love her. I see them progress each week and we are really happy to rebook again this term

(Kicks pool – October 2012)

Thank you for getting Reuban through his stage 4 badge today, he is really chuffed!

(Deep Blue Dive Centre – September 2012)

I would just like to say thanks to the instructor who coaxed my little one back into the water after his little wobble today. He is a quiet a nervous child but the instructor was very understanding and talked him round to coming back into the water. I was very impressed as I find this a struggle at times!! Thanks you for your patience and please pass on this message to him

(Customer Survey, Kicks – May 2012)

Within 5 weeks my son aged 5 had started to swim his first strokes. His progress has been amazing and it’s due to his swimming instructor Ken who has amazing patience and encouragement, giving him the confidence he needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

(Customer Survey, Fenham pool – April 2012)

My first impression of SwimNE was amazing. My daughter had been to other groups and there was no competition. Quality, professionalism, communication, trust and friendliness all played a part. The instructors actually did care about the children and wanted them to learn. They smiled and encouraged class participation and trust. The whole package is outstanding and I totally believe that is why my daughter is doing so well in swimming and is a happy and confident swimmer and child – she is even now teaching Mam and Dad about streamlining – which does work!

(Customer Survey, Deep Blue – March 2012)

My daughter didn’t even want to start lessons because she didn’t want to get her face wet, and now she’s jumping in and doing sitting dives and loving it. Most important, she’s been allowed to progress at a pace she’s comfortable with, while being encouraged to keep going, and has therefore developed with confidence.

(Customer Survey, Sport Central – April 2012)

At SwimNE the staff are very friendly and supportive. My daughter was quite nervous and lacked confidence but she has really gained her confidence since she started with SwimNE. It helps that that teachers are in the pool with the kids so they can be shown how to do the strokes rather than being shouted at from the side (which is how her previous lessons were taught before we changed over to SwimNE).

(Customer Survey, Deep Blue – April 2012)

Brilliant – spent March to Sept at another swim school where little progress was made and he was always on a woggle or float. But by our third lesson with SwimNE he was swimming unaided and finally jumping in unaided!

(Customer Survey, Fenham – March 2012)

It is good that my daughter is able to change her swimming nights and instructors as at different stages she did need different qualities from different instructors. Kind, patient, fun instructors at the beginning and now firm, friendly, encouraging ones now that she is developing as a confident swimmer. I see her in her lessons now and I cannot recognise my daughter when she is swimming – she just looks like a professional swimmer sometimes – straight arms, fast kicking legs, strong push off’s and so focused – why can she not do that with Mum!!

(Customer Survey, Sport Central – April 2012)

My daughter has progressed really well with SwimNE, she is really enthusiastic, doesn’t like to miss lessons, is very confident in the water and seems to be developing a bit of technique which is cool for a five year old. Instructor James really seems to be driving the group forward without making it seem hard. Craig the Co-ordinator is also great with the group when covering and he deals with any admin issues quickly and friendly.

(Customer Survey, Kicks – March 2012)

Fan-bloody-tastic. I cannot praise enough for the difference in my son’s swimming right from his 1st lesson. He loves it and i love seeing him become more confident every single week.