Matt’s Summer Holiday Swimming Tips

Matt’s Summer Holiday Swimming Tips

 It is that time of the year when many families jet off in search of sunshine on a well-earned break. Many people will make use of this break to get their children into the pool and allow the kids to put into practice everything that they have learnt with us! Here are a few tips and hints of things for you to do with your little ones to maximise their pool time this Summer….

1. Have FUN!
Picking up bad practices takes a lot longer to correct than learning a new skill. Try to resist the urge to coach the children– just have fun and remember that any time spent enjoying the water is a positive experience for your child!
They are on holiday too!

2. Resist the temptation to use the arm bands –

If your child has done the majority of their swimming without the armbands – try to avoid sticking them back on when on holiday. Sometimes this isn’t practical if there are other children to think of but the more time spent without armbands, the more comfortable the children will be without them! Pack your SwimFins as they give the children much more independence and encourage better body position.

3. Take some sinkers

A great way of encouraging your little swimmers to improve their underwater swimming is to encourage them to collect objects from the pool floor. Objects such as sinking sticks or seals are great additional toys to pack in the case but even small objects such as coins can be just as effective

4. Pack your goggles!
These are great for holidays and will also help the children feel more comfortable particularly in the sea where there is more to explore.

5. Encourage responsible swimming

Remind children of the dangers around the pool andin the water. Beware of pool depths as these can vary greatly in hotel pools. Make sure the children are not running around the pool and are aware of who to contact if there is an emergency. Always keep an eye on your swimmers if
they are swimming in the sea

6. Get in yourself!
Children will benefit from happy parents and will gain confidence from seeing you in the water with them so keep having fun

Happy holidays!!


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