Teachers tips #2- Get your goggles on!

Teachers tips #2- Get your goggles on!

Tips from the teachers- Practice in the bath!

#2. Get your goggles on!

Goggles are a great tool to assist in the development of the swimmer and a little bit of practice at home will ensure they are comfortable, allowing the swimmer to use them in their lessons without realising they are even wearing them! Wearing goggles allows the swimmer to see underwater, which not only helps improve confidence underwater, they can see their bubbles and arms while swimming (sometimes a child thinks they are doing something correctly until they can actually see it!)

When using them for the first time, it can cause a little bit of panic- it is very unnatural to be able to open your eyes underwater and see clearly. Again, using a bit of trickery can work a treat. Play a game to encourage the swimmer to put their face in and open their eyes (if they are just starting to wear goggles, the chances are that even though the goggles are on, their eyes will still be closed!). Using objects of different colours,  ask the swimmer to look underwater, once their eyes are wet, put one of the objects underwater in front of their face and ask them to shout out the colour that they have seen in the water. To make it a little harder, practice alongside tip #? And ask the swimmer to shout out the colour with their mouth underwater!

Comfort is very important with the goggles. While they do offer a helping hand to the swimmer, they can often also provide some disruption, with goggles leaking, steaming up or feeling uncomfortable on their face. There are a lot of cheap goggles available, it is well worth spending an extra few pounds on goggles. Not only will they be longer lasting, they will be more comfortable and allow the swimmer to keep them on their eyes for longer without fiddling around with them! We recommend Aquasphere goggles, such as the Moby Kids or Seal Kids goggles, as they are comfortable and easy to tighten/loosen.

We want the little swimmer to forget they are even wearing goggles, so if you get chance, wear them at home and in the bath and hopefully, they will forget they have them on!

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