Assessment Dates

At SwimNE we run alongside the school terms meaning we have 6 swimming terms per year.

These run from: (With half term breaks)

September – Christmas

January – Easter

Easter – July

This allows us to follow a 12-14 week programme to teach the NPTS stages.

Whilst we award our badges on weeks 12 – 14, from week 1 we begin and stick to an ongoing assessment throughout the duration of the term.

This enables the child to consistently achieve the stage requirements and avoids an “exam type” situation.

Badges will be awarded at the end of the term provided that the children have demonstrated all of the requirements of that stage.

If a particular stage is not achieved in the given term, then our children will receive a swimming award and that stage will then be completed next term once the children are ready.

We will endeavour to keep classes together as they work through the stages and will only move children to other classes if they are noticeably stronger or weaker than the rest of the group. This is because once the term has begun we do not want to alter the dynamics of the group which can affect the child’s progression.

Our focus is driven by encouraging  good swimming technique. We utilise swimming awards to add a sense of enjoyment and achievement during the child’s swimming journey at SwimNE.